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Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Bermuda Maritime Museum
Royal Naval Dockyard
Dolphin Quest - Swim with the dolphins.Hamilton

Come and experience something unique - Swim with the Dolphins!

Have fun interacting and playing alongside these graceful Bottlenose Dolphins, under the guidance of experienced animal trainers.

Dolphin Quest Bermuda

Dolphin Quest was originally created in 1984, by two renowned Marine Mammal Veterinarians - they wanted a special place where people could come to have an up-close, personal "Dolphin encounter."

Dolphin Quest Bermuda opened In 1996, in the historic Maritime Museum.

Ultimate VIP Adventure
Give your VIPs and Top Performers this incredible once-in-a-lifetime, educational, motivational and inspiring experience. Dolphin Quest is one of the island's most fun, and memorable recreational activities.

Exclusive Group Adventures
Arrange for an Exclusive one-hour Group Adventure 10-20 people.

Special Programs
Special Dolphin Quest programs ranging from 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hours include The Encounter, Dolphin Dip, Fins and Flippers, Dolphin Discovery, and the Ultimate Adventure.

Bermuda Dolphin Encounters.Note: Participants in the actual programs do not have to pay an entrance fee to the Bermuda Maritime Museum.

Dolphin Quest: 441-234-4464
Maritime Museum: 441-234-1418

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Dolphin Quest
Bermuda Maritime Museum
Royal Naval Dockyard

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Whether a family vacation, company conference or romantic honeymoon, Bermuda is the perfect vacation/holiday destination! 

With mile after mile of public, pink beaches and a very active nightlife, "Bermuda" or "The Devil's Isles" is popular with not only those who have been coming to visit for years, but is also immediately loved by newcomers, too.

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