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Getting around in Bermuda information:

Getting around in Bermuda is very easy for locals and visitors alike.  In our opinion, the best way to get around, if you are visiting us, is by bus or taxi.  Bus schedule  -  Taxi information 

Bermuda Bus and Bikes!If you have the money, taxi is the way to go.  You can book tours for up to six people with an nice, air-conditioned taxi for about $7 per person at http://www.taxibermuda.com/.  The drivers are courteous and knowledgeable and will give you a tour that is unforgettable.  Stop for lunch and sample some authentic Bermudian food, stop at some museums, forts or beaches and take some photos and learn about our hundreds of years of history while you take a taxi tour.

Or, take the bus.  One day, three day, and one week passes are available for very low prices and you can reach any area of Bermuda on the bus.  You can't miss them.  Bermuda buses are mostly pink with a blue stripe running down the middle of them.  Bus stops are conveniently placed every 500 meters or so along our roads.  Bus stops are indicated by two different coloured poles.  Pink poles mean that you can catch a bus bound for Hamilton.  A blue pole means you can catch a bus heading away from town.  Bus tours are available, too.  Though we have found that they are more expensive then sightseeing tours in taxis.  You can find out about bus tours at all bus terminals which are placed conveniently around the island.

You can also rent mopeds in Bermuda.  Tourists are able to rent 50cc mopeds at many different locations around the island.  We do not condone this.  There are several accidents daily with tourists who have never ridden a bike and think that it is OK to rent one whilst on holiday.  This is deadly!  Please don't rent a Bermuda moped!!  This is unsafe.

How are you getting to Bermuda?  Are you cruising or flying?  If flying, you might want to try Fly private jets.com!  They make it easy to charter a flight to Bermuda or any of more than 5000 destinations.

Whether a family vacation, company conference or romantic honeymoon, Bermuda is the perfect vacation/holiday destination!  With mile after mile of public, pink beaches and a very active nightlife, Bermuda is popular with not only those who have been coming to visit for years, but is also immediately loved by newcomers, too.
With mile after mile of public, pink beaches and a very active nightlife, "Bermuda" or "The Devil's Isles" is popular with not only those who have been coming to visit for years, but is also immediately loved by newcomers, too.

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