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If you are looking for the best way to sample our waters and get view of the shoreline that most visitors never see, charter a sailing vessel for an hour or 5 and see Sailing in bermuda.  Photos, booking and rates online!Bermuda like many never get to see it!  We have some links to the most popular charter sailboats and captains.  Be sure to check around their websites to find the one that is perfect for you.

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Sail Bermuda Yacht Charters Sail Bermuda Boat Charters. Discover the absolute magic of sailing. Let me try and describe it for you. There's a warm Bermuda

  • Bermuda Sail
    Sailing downwind was safe and relatively calm, but it wasn't getting us to Bermuda. After deciding that these waves probably weren't going to capsize us ...
  • Bermuda Sailing :: Caribbean Edge
    Sail around Bermuda with Captain Steven Brown on the "MV Destiny." This 78' custom cruiser has a glass bottom panel and can hold up to 120 people... more ...
  • Welcome to SailBermuda - Charter Sailing in Bermuda
    SailBermuda is a charter sailing excursion for group and private charters in Bermuda. Swim, snorkel and sunbathe while cruising the waters around Bermuda.
  • Bermuda Sailing Association
    Bermuda’s only Government subsidized junior learn-to-sail programme invites your child to join us for a summer of fun and sailing. Sailing is Bermuda’s ...
  • Bermuda Sailing and Yachting |
    Vacationers who would like to sailing into Bermuda on a private or chartered vessel will find the island extremely hospitable.
  • "Sailing Bermuda"
    A voyage under sail to Bermuda can be a rewarding and relaxing experience ... Yachts (Private) Sailing to Bermuda. Annual information sheet from Bermuda ...

Whether a family vacation, company conference or romantic honeymoon, Bermuda is the perfect vacation/holiday destination!  With mile after mile of public, pink beaches and a very active nightlife, Bermuda is popular with not only those who have been coming to visit for years, but is also immediately loved by newcomers, too.

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